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This starter kit includes - 

1 x Tolecut Pink P1500 (25 sheets)
1 x Tolecut Green P2000 (25 sheets)
1 x Tolecut Black P3000 (25 sheets)
2 x Tolecut S Blocks
1 x Tolecut QS Blocks
1 x Storage container

Introducing the most advanced and smart system for taking care of dust nibs and runs on topcoat finishing. The Tolecut Touch-Up system utilizes state of the art Dry Lube technology to prevent both loading and deep scratches. This dry application allows constant progress monitoring for delicate jobs.

Nibs and runs can be eliminated effectively and efficiently by Tolecut with either Tolecard or Toleblock. Speedy and extremely uniform finishes which can be removed easily by Buflex.

Tolecut Starter Kit. (Fine) Includes 1 x Pink, 1 x Green, 1 x Black, 2 x Block

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