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Tolecut P3000 Black. Each pack comes with 25 sheets. Each sheet is cut into 8 squares for use with the Tolecuit sanding block.
In the abrasives market. there is no system like the Tolecut system. It is unique because it offers the possibility to remove imperfections with dry sanding. up to and including grit P3000. The advantages are numerous. It is cleaner than wet sanding and you can see better what you sand (which is very important at imperfection removal). As a result. you will finish the sanding process much more quickly and reduce the risk of sanding through the clear coat to a minimum. A great advantage. after all. sanding through the clear coat means you will have to start the entire sanding process all over again.

The Tolecut system combines aggressiveness and uniformity. Combined with the modern sanding system of Kovax. this will substantially reduce your polishing time.

With conventional sanding systems. the emphasis is on polishing. Before polishing. the imperfection is removed in 1 to 2 sanding steps. which means you need additional polish time to remove the final sanding scratches. The Kovax sanding/polish system is different. It is a modern system which concentrates on total labour time. More sanding and less polishing is the key to success. With an extra sanding step (of only a few seconds). the sanding result is of such uniformity that far less polishing time is required to come to the desired end result. As a consequence. the total reduction of labour time can add up to a couple of minutes!

Tolecut is also very appropriate for ceramic and water based clear coats.

Sanding advice:

Depending on the size of the imperfection you start with Tolecut Pink (+/- P2000). Refine the sanding scratches with Tolecut Green (+/- P2500) and finish with Tolecut Black (+/- P3000). For a perfect end result and a minimal polishing time. it is recommendable to sand with Buflex dry Black (+/- P3000) after Tolecut Black and to use the Kovax polishing system for the polishing process.

The coarseness of the grains in Kovax polish pastes exactly matches the fineness of the sanding scratches of Kovax abrasives. Combining both Kovax abrasives and polish pastes guarantees a maximum reduction of polishing time.

When extra aggressiveness is required. because of a severe imperfection. you can start with Yellow Film 35mm (P1500-P2000) before Tolecut.

Tolecut 1/8 cut is used for small to medium-sized imperfections and on a flat surface. Tolecut sheets are very suitable for larger surfaces and/or rounder parts.

Tolecut Black P3000

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