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50 gram pack

The glue composition (PDR cold glue) Glexo with very high adhesion is specially designed for the repair of small damages, including hail. Uncompromising performance for PDR professionals.

The adhesive composition is designed for use with Glexo PDR hail tabs, but it can also be used separately using special techniques. Hail PDR cold glue is characterized by high density and temperature resistance, which allows it to be used in a wide temperature range. This PDR cold glue is successfully used in the repair of hail damage and similar minor damage, allowing you to significantly speed up the work. A feature of the composition is its pronounced non-Newtonian behaviour. Thus, when the force is applied, the cold glue becomes much harder, allowing the maximum force from the PDR tool to be transmitted to the surface to be repaired. Small residues of the composition are removed from the surface by the main mass of the composition on the PDR tab. If it is necessary to separate the PDR cold glue from the surface to be repaired, then it should not be separated by sharp movements.

Before use, it is important to thoroughly prepare the surface to be repaired by cleaning it from dirt. For deep cleaning of the surface and the best adhesion, it is strongly recommended to use Glexo SPS wipes. In case of contamination of the composition, it is allowed to wash it in water using slightly alkaline detergents.

The warranty period and service life of the composition is 1 year.

Glexo Cold Hail Glue 50g

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