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The Glexo Hail kit includes two small 25mm /0,98” tabs, two 30mm /1,18” tabs and a crease tab for oblong damage. The kit contains two types of PDR cold glue for different temperature conditions.

The Glexo Hail Kit has been specially designed to help technicians with hail damages repair. Repairing hail is a difficult job where saving time is very important. Since Glexo cold glue can overheat during continuous operation, affecting its performance, Glexo Hail system includes redundant tabs to enable continuous working.

All PDR tabs are equipped with Glexo's patented proprietary locking system with O-ring for quick and secure installation. Can be used and are suitable for use with arbitrary slide hammer. The recommended weight of the slide hammer is 1.2kg / 2.6lb.

The technique of work includes the following stages:
1. Prepare work surface. The working surface must be free of dirt and grease. For guaranteed high adhesion it is recommended to use the Glexo Surface Preparation System (SPS).
2. Install the Glexo Hail tab with applied adhesive on the slide hammer until it stops.
3. Form a small cone-shaped bead of PDR cold glue on the tab.
4. Using a twisting motion, glue the tab to the center of the damage. Use a slide hammer as a lever.
5. Remove damage with a sharp hammer blow. Repeat if necessary.

After work, the tabs are stored directly with the applied cold glue in the wooden box in which the system is supplied. To prevent sticking, anti-adhesive films are included in the kit, which must be wrapped around the tabs with the applied composition.

The Glexo Hail kit comes with a 1 year warranty.

Glexo Cold Glue - Hail Kit inc. 5 tabs and 2 x Glues

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