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Edgy Tools

Tired of not being able to see what the heck you're working on? Get lit...Wedge Light

Why work blind when you can see everything now?

Introducing The Patent Pending Wedge Light by EdgyTools

See all of the Bracing, Intrusion Beams, Lock Assembly and Rods, Sound Deadener and any other obstacle in your way. Also handy for viewing in the Quarter Panels and other areas of the vehicle. Ever drop something in the engine? Grab your Wedge Light! Ever drop a headliner screw and can’t find it under the seat? Grab your Wedge Light! Need to find your way in the dark? Grab your WedgeLight!

How long does the battery last?

The short answer is a ton of uses!

With the light Automatically cycling on for 3 minutes (Auto Shut Off so you never drain the battery), a battery life cycle is variable dependent on use. One way to think about this is in terms of cycles before requiring a charge. After dozens or hundreds of uses the battery charge light appears.

Battery Life is also extended with Energy Saving Automatic Cycling Feature

How long does the battery take to charge?

The Short Answer is you can get a few uses super quick if needed but a full charge takes approx. an hour.

  • Battery type, size and power:
  • Lithium-Ion battery: 18650 with low and over-charge protection circuit
  • Battery capacity: 2200 mAh, Voltage: 3.7
  • Power: 5W
  • Input: USB Micro 5Pin DC5V, ≤1000mA Charging Port

What is the lumen output?

  • 300+lm Driven by Cree XP-G LED
  • (Equivalent to having a 60 Watt Light Bulb inside the panel)

What is the angle of illumination?

Based on the special configuration of the Lens, the illumination angle is optimized for all of the light to illuminate the inside of the door panel without any light “leaking” out to distract or blind the user.

  • WedgeLight Indicator Lights
  • When fully charged and inactive (light turned Off), indicator lights are OFF
  • When WL is activated (light turned On) with adequate battery charge state, the charge port glows GREEN
  • When WL is activated (light turned On) with low battery charge state, the charging port glows RED
  • While connected to the charger, the red activation push button glows RED
  • When connected to the charger and fully charged, both RED and GREEN indicator lights are OFF

* Please note: There are 4 Screws (2 on each side) which may get warm to the touch. This is intentional. LED bulbs get hot which is why most LED Flashlights are made out of aluminum. We have built a custom heat sync to dissipate the heat and it is designed in a manner so as to release the heat through these screws. This is perfectly normal.

** Not Responsible for Consequential Damages

*** Can be brought on airplanes in Carry-On but not checked bags. (Please check with TSA or Specific Airline Carrier for their regulations.)

* US Non-Provisional Patent Pending as well as International PCT Patents Filed

Lastly, please note that although this device is made to be incredibly strong and last a long time, it is a sophisticated electronic device and should be treated with care. In other words, if you need a pry bar, use a pry bar or at the very least, an old cheap plastic wedge. Save this one for its intended purpose which is illuminating the interior of panels like no other device on the market!

Edgy Wedge Light

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