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Edgy Tools

Finally! Every vehicle made today has metal that moves differently. Now, with the Tiny Anvil Caps, you can use the exact stiffness that you want for the metal you are working on.

Play around with them all to get the feel and figure out your favorites but a general guide would be:

Soft for thin metals like Honda uses, Medium for more stout steel panels like Chevy uses, and Firm for HSS and Aluminum (remember like anything in PDR, there is no wrong way as long as you get great results)

Each package comes with 12 Tiny Anvil Caps:

(You get 4 of each hardness)

4 Soft
4 Medium
4 Firm

Note: Fits the following products: the No-Roll Knockdown (ET-418), The Finger Ding Ring™ (ET-417) and the Little Pecker (ET-201).

Edgy Tiny Caps (12 pcs)

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