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B&D Innovative Tools

Pullmaster Blue Dent Slide Hammer is a great tool made with only high quality materials. slide hammer has a removable weight as well as an ability to switch from a pass-through slide hammer to a regular slide hammer.

1. Pass Through Foot
2. Single Side Non-Pass Through
3. Ability To Lock Regular Tabs Foe Cold Glue Pulls
4. Stackable Weight System 1Lb-Infinity
5. Urethane Damper
6. Slide Hammer Without Weights 3.3 LBS Slide Is 1.0LBS
Pullmaster Blue Dent Slide Hammer – Application
First of all, this set does not come with glue tabs or a glue gun which are essential. Let the glue dry with the glue tab in place on the dent. To save time you can glue and place all the glue pulling dent tabs at once onto the vehicle. Avoid applying too much pressure when placing the dent pulling tab. Finally, choose from this kit how you’d like to pull the dent out. It’s best to use the T-Hand Puller for glue pulling larger dents or to remove the last 10% of a dent. If using the minilifter you’ll squeeze handle slowly and slowly flush out the dent. The slide hammer or T-puller requires repeat use and reducing the size of the glue pull tabs as the dent gets smaller and smaller.

B&D Pullmaster Adjustable Slide Hammer

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