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DNE PDR Light 

18 x 9" 6-Strip LED Light 

(Stand not included)

Product Description

The light is fitted with 6 LED strips (3 x Cool and 3 x Warm) and can be configured to operate with any combination LED strip on or off.

The light is fitted with loc-line, a suction cup and a power switch for the lamp ON / OFF. On the Top of the lens cover electronic control of LED strips with functions for adjusting the brightness, remembering the last setting, and programming PROGRAM-1, PROGRAM-2. 

The light has a white lens cover. A rubber C-shaped profile is glued around the perimeter of the product, which protects the light housing from mechanical damage, and prevents damage if the light comes in contact with the vehicle.

The light is powered by a through the included cigarette plug and comes with 5 meters of cable.

Basic functions and operating modes

Combined Control Function **

This function allows you to control two LED strips of the same line with a single button.

Last setting memory function

This function allows the electronic control unit for the lamp to remember the last setting of the LED strip mode and dimmer.

After selecting the operation mode of the lamp (the number, color and brightness of the LED strips), the electronic control unit, after 5 seconds. (standby mode) after the last setting, it gives a signal by flashing the LED strips once, indicating that the control unit has memorized the last settings. After turning off the lamp, or disconnecting it from the power supply, and turning it on again or connecting it to the power supply, the lamp will turn on in the same mode in which it was at the time of disconnection.

Programming function PROGRAM 1 and PROGRAM 2: ***

This function allows you to choose a priority between white or warm glow of LED strips:

PROGRAM 1 - priority of a white cold glow (C);

PROGRAM 2 - priority white warm glow (W).

By default, PROGRAM 1 is installed on the luminaire.

Main technical specifications:

· Number of LED strips - 6 ( CW - CW - CW )

· Supply voltage - 12V;

· Luminous flux - warm white 850 Lm, cold white ( C ) 1220 Lm;

· Rated power consumption - no more - 92 W;

· Rated current consumption - not more than - 7.7 A;

· Overall dimensions of the lamp – 470mm (18”).;

· Degree of protection against dust and humidity:  IP 20;

· Class of protection against electric shock: 0;

· Light distribution class: direct light

· Range of working temperatures, from -20 to +40 (C about );

· Service life - 30,000 hours;

· Net weight - 2.5 ± 0.2 kg.

· Gross weight - 3.9 ± 0.2 kg.

Components Included:

· LED Fixture - 1 pc.;

DNE 18x9"6-strip LED light with suction cup

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